Teen Dating Violence #It’s #Not a #Myth

Teen Dating Violence

What is Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence is a pattern of physically, sexually, verbally, and/or emotional behavior in a relationship.


1 in 5 high school girls are physically or sexually hurt by a dating partner.
Girls and Women 16-24 have the highest rates.
1 in 3 teens experience some kind of abuse in their romantic relationships
1 in 3 teens know of a peer who has been hit, punched ,kicked by a partner
45% of teen girls know someone who has been pressured or forced into having sex
Teen males- as well well as females experience dating violence

Lending a Hand

Tell the person that is being abused that you are concerned for their safety.
Acknowledge that the abuse is not this persons fault
Be supportive and patient
Avoid judging your friend or family member
Encourage the person to talk to others who can provide help and guidance.
Help the person to develop a practical and specific safety plan that focuses on preventing future harm.
Do not confront the abuser; it could be dangerous for you and your friends
Remember you cannot rescue the person. It is difficult seeing someone you love hurt.

Signs of Teen Dating Violence

– Extreme jealousy
– Constant put-downs
– Telling the other person what to do
– Explosive temper
– Threats
– Possessiveness
– Preventing the other person from doing what he or she wants to do
– Severe mood swings
– Making false accusations about the other person
– History of Violence
– Isolating the other person from family and friends
– Seeking financial control over the other person

Be A Voice

– Talk with a trustworthy adult
– Create A teen Dating Safety Plan
– Call the Police ( 919 )
– Call the Bahamas Crisis Center ( 328-0922 )
– With the help of a trustworthy adult get a restraining order or protective custody

Teen Dating Abuse
By: Katrina Lusk

It happens to 1 out of 3
high school students.
Like a bad dream
they don’t expect to go through it.

It’s alright at first
but then you fight.
And things only get worse
with each sleepless night.

You knew what you wanted
until your values got confronted.
You gave them up,
to keep someone you thought you couldn’t.

From the pushing and shoving,
to the guilt and lies.
You look into your partner’s eyes,
and miss the warning signs.

The anger and rage,
they shake you inside.
But you turn the page,
not knowing if you should hide.

Why do they shout?
You keep telling them,
there’s no reason for doubt.
To yourself you wonder,
should I just get out?

Lately nothing you do,
ever seems to please them.
When you’re ready to leave,
only one thing keeps you.
You remember all of the,
good times you’ve been through.

All of the apologies,
and I never meant to hurt yous.
All of the-never-will-agains,
yet all you can say is I love you.

You’ve become negative,
aand feel they don’t deserve you.
Until you finally find someone,
you can run to…

And you realize,
they were abusing you.
They thought,
they could control your every move.

You’re finally done,
with all the tears.
You’re done with,
all of the emotional fears.

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