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welcome to the garage we are going to  work on the bike first calm down I know  you’re excited we’re going to replace  the fairings on my ninja Kawasaki zx6r  with me as brother BRABUS and pirate  with an nos nos I want a drink I’m gonna  show you the fairings and this will be  just a pretty quick brief montage  showing you our progress and how easy  hopefully this is going to be and that  is that so let me show you the bearings  take your favorite it’s like Christmas  go it’s the best thing ever oh that was  too big I was mine  so these fairings are custom from a  company called monster friends and I  need to get the story really quick they  approached me and said would you like  some new pranks your bike and I say  what’s the catch it said make a video  about it and I said I like free stuff so  they say  give me the fairings from this bike they  asked what color I wanted them in I said  black black and so they made these  custom black francs for me and I said  that’s a good deal I’ll make a video  about it and so you’re gonna be seeing a  lot of this bike you’re gonna watch the  sport together that looks like an alien  head doesn’t it like from the movie  alien no more yeah that’s what it’s  called as far as the tank goes because  that is not a plastic it is a piece of  metal I had to get that painted by  somebody done by mr. Mike at high some  collisions and you me the tank it looks  really good oh I’m gonna drop it I’m not  gonna drop it I need this for the video  so this looks excellent this is the same  red tank and I’ve been using it for over  a year he cleaned out the NICS took off  the Kawasaki print took out the tank pad  and it looks good I can’t wait to put  this together I also want to hit and got  some fairing bolts we didn’t need to get  any because you know I still have 2008 zx6r fairings
the  bolts but I went ahead got something  black that way it’s not so you know  black with silver bullets on it and  hopefully this will look good when it  comes together that is like really black  really pretty yeah  your Seco whoo then you can’t do videos  about girl yeah you can’t pick up girls  this is the anti shake pad this part is  not on your parents what I wear this I  don’t know what is not where no you’re  right it’s not cuz years ago  oh you’re right turn signal upside down  that’s a turn signal what is that what  the oh okay I was like my mind was it’s  been a long day me Lygia descender yes I  was like I don’t know if they came with  him or not  okay pretty sure all the questions are  here right we’re not staying for the  most part for what I know is it I did  not notice these like you wanted yeah  yeah those are the ones I didn’t see so  I  what you doing working working working  in Walters slave Factory the motorcycle  sweatshop ah around me for helping you  yes okay hey doing idea just watch me  work that’s your job is to do the super  but I’m the one who stands I know how to  do so if you care about what I’m doing  I’m taking the LED strips out of the  fairing so you can see they look like on  the inside it’s not easy to get off but  it is removable and I want to keep these  obviously for the next set of fairing so  that they can glow red preferably but  they can be any color they want I just  got to transplant some stuff there was  this guy who went to the DMV and he wore  a spaghetti strainer on his head he was  able to wear it for his picture because  he convinced2006 zx6r fairings
the people the DMV it was  for religious purposes nice some how big  and he got the picture I think he  deserves that picture yeah yeah we  probably need to do a little trans as  long as they don’t completely yeah cuz  this eye thing is gonna make it actually  at all maybe we should try setting it on  there just to see if it’s gonna flow for  us I think they’re more of a noise  reduction kind of thing yeah well thanks  partner  that’ll behind the page that kind of  shows up  sure so this we used to have awesome  that you have one of these yep we’re  doing this assembling so we can start  swapping those out last piece time I’ve  at least part of the ferns yeah this  curvy just this you know so obviously  this is still gonna have a little gap  let’s continue put these two in here  yeah  transformer breastplate yeah what’s up  full set voice I don’t know  so the bike is naked and all we gotta do  is put these new plastics on right yeah  right so happy there right John ah don’t  worry I’m gonna drilling won’t truth  oh wow does it run it’s really good you  don’t even rattle once confirmed a spot  free make sure if it okay right here  like maybe you grab the top plastic here  and see if it’s kind of like you know  not that would be fun  be sure I’ll go about here go down then  for or grow or buzz there guys Gattaca  throw Bolton pretty spare yourself yeah  clip this I get off on my session there  we go good okay alright anymore why  don’t we write anymore sir politic oh  yeah just–we’re well the take thank you  you said no like holds in what now it’s  down here you even follow it yeah it’s  right here dude  it’s terminating properly video Scratchy  but now break my heart you’re good  little bolts barely can you the plastics  yeah barely the front ones are easy just  because you kind of push forward let’s  just go in and you could use wd-40 oh  yeah there’s one right there should go  let’s go okay that one  are you Nazis you put that shyness stuff  on here just clean it off and put the  details where they belong  I’m pretty darn sure the bike looks  pretty good it looks like this looks  next hey I just got at least you agreed  well I sure glad you guys are able to  help me do this cuz I mean I could have  to be done by myself but obviously it’s  easier and a lot more fun to do with  other people see see it’s late so we’re  tired but like I I want to go drive  right now but it’s not very practical  tomorrow I’ll put the decals on it and  it’ll be done and you’ve seen the videos  by now but you know at this point in  time we’re just putting the bike  together so thank you for watching hope  it was least a little bit interesting  again the fairings are from Monster  fairings so thanks to them for give me  those and making my bike all brand new  and awesome they were just what I needed  when I needed them so I’m glad I got  those and of course to Mike who gave me  the tank did an awesome job on that so  alrighty I’m I’m tired I want to go to  bed dreaming about this bike it’s gonna  suck because I’ll be like I want to go  drive it but anyway thanks guys Yoshi  ate it as is fun we hope you enjoyed  this inside look at Walter if its life  All Right see you guys my next videos  bye what is that salt click click  love ityamaha r1 fairings

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