gsxs1000f fairing side removal

but of alamos doing it  I’ll keep them loose on my side  all right so this should be cops out  there  after that appear by the tank getting  British on this my nothing bug attack  just here there’s a never Alan box let’s  now remove that just unscrew that from  Nick no one ended now don’t waiver on  youtube says excuse me well I’m doing a  lift  one-handed  all right so they just yeah see that is  it Philip screw can take that up up  but before I get too far down the bottom  here like a steering wheel that don’t  think the other way underneath the boy  there’s this little clip here if you can  see it the lights pretty Pleasant  you just pop it out with a little  screwdriver pull it out and then this  separates down this line here so to give

motorcycle fairings    them a look  no it’s just a little clip that comes  out of it you just sort of pride that  top it off with a screwdriver came out  of this area even with the light this  will just sit right no clusters to give  up it’s gonna push me out all right  I’m just gonna pull it apart and yeah I  just clips together down that slide and  it moves take a couple more bits out  it’s often should come off so working  from the top again  there’s another clip coming up same  thing just yeah just yet it’s gonna work  get screwdriver in there little slot  there dip the top of it up got to pull  it out that’s gonna do that well that’s  that clips yeah so most this is will  pretty loose at the front here now it’s  gonna remember just hang clipped this  indicator wire okay don’t pull any wires  up  this I think is ready to be removed from    2008 zx6r fairings      the bot so good bit you down here for  sip this bucket  the clip is show yeah maybe see
it just  yeah there it is just looking down side  the inside of the fair anything to see  it down there at the bottom just gonna  pop that one out and then he is ready to  come off  alright anyone to say well I got that  clip up it’s going to be a back over  here good now  and that’s it I think enough that the  episode up – because I’m family Kate yep  I was liking it was dropped down this  side  oh don’t tell me I got inside my visa  that’s right I think I would zip anyway  oh man so anyway still hunting for me  kick  new oil will filter down there until  these fairings off a couple of weeks ago  did a service did the the oil and the  water and all that  I’ve had these parents off a couple  weeks ago asked why sort of new born s  wells do you know exactly as you saw  learn I’ve been a farm ek before up to  they’re hoping to find Miki before I  take off the other side cuz I just say  Mia ten mentor now probably wait now  sods law she’ll have to take off the  other side never look so I’ll get back  to you so the fittings to hold the left  side of the fairing on you’ve got these  two Allen bolts down the bottom ramen  affair and you can see those from  outside the bike quite easy and one goes  by the side of the tank easy to see  there’s a top of the ferret at the front  sort of bite us on the head like one of  these clips goes down the bottom and by  the exhaust holds the two opposite of  fair and again never click down there  sort of below the the other Phillips  screw you see it from there from the top  down Sol de ferran just clip that one  out and that was the one forgot get it  from underneath post on the headlight  but from underneath you can see it there  that’s it it sort of how’s the sound of  fairness he’s hardly the same on the  other side not that hard once you know  where it tips a bit sir  yeah and
the other place it fits on he’s  got it watch out for these these two  lugs ear and so on the radiator but make  sure they go into the corresponding lugs  on the side and affarin which is a bit  of a pain  shake that we’ll put it back together  alright so now for the right side of my  ferret excuse me  it’s pretty much the same as the other  side obviously down here that’s already  unclipped the other side please listen  so I’m gonna do start this side there’s  a big plug there the cool connector I’m  down there just pull out the connector  for the indicator let’s do that same for  this side it’s gonna be two Allen screws  here bolts and we’re gonna good to click  on the  side of     2007 gsxr 600 fairings    the radiator a bit same two  eclipses the other side  it’s the Philip said that there’s the  bulb there and why not forgot last time  underneath the front you can see it easy  a bit so just good all those bolts and  bits and clips time to remove the side  well that is how easy it is we don’t  type these fairs off again I’m just  wondering where me Katy went once I  found me Kay all right it’s probably  cool up in here somewhere this right I’m  gonna have a little scout around for it  hopefully I’ll Fonda no I put the  fairings back one again happy days  yeah so basically haven’t found me kid  yet been looking everywhere in a shared  of taking the fairings off the bike  let’s gone dunk so they’ll leave the  fairings off the now keep looking around  got to be somewhere don’t know where so  I leave the fairies off the bike is  gonna do some some other stuff to it  anyways with some LED indicators and  stuff to do keep searching for the key  there are D catch fire

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