DIY – Painting your stock windscreen

hey everybody its Dave here and since I  have the bike torn apart kind of with  the rear tire off get a new tire put on  I thought it’d be a good time to do a  mod that I’ve been wanting to do for a  while and that is to paint the  windscreen black to match the rest of  the front fairing there I’ve seen it  done some few other people have done it  before and thought it looked really cool  thought this would be a good chance to  do it so I go through the steps and  first step is removing the windscreen  all right so I’m gonna go ahead and  remove the windscreen there’s six screws  on this one for the fz1 three on each  side so just go ahead and unscrew those  okay so the next thing you’re gonna want  to do is make sure you clean the  windscreen very very well get all the  bugs get all the dirt and stuff off of  it you want to make sure you use a  really mild soap so I’m just using some  dish soap and sponge and you want to  make sure you use the soft side of the  sponge so
yamaha r1 fairings    you don’t scratched it up at  all and I just have a plastic tray here  some warm water in it I’m just gonna go  through make sure I get all the bugs and  the grime and all that stuff off of it  okay so the next thing you’re gonna want  to do is make sure that the screen is  nice and dry I had a little microfiber  cloth that I used to wipe it down and  make sure it was really dry and what  you’re going to want to do is you’re  gonna sindh the inside and make sure  it’s ready for painting all I’m actually  going to do was paint the inside of the  screen so the outside stays this nice  glossy color and before when I said  remove the sticker actually I’m gonna  leave this sticker on here because it’s  on the outside and I’m we’re only  actually gonna be painting the inside of
the windscreen so first thing you’re  gonna want to do is give some 400 grit  sandpaper and start sanding the inside  which is going to get it ready for paint  so you’re just going to sand it a nice  smooth circles this is just gonna  drop it up a little bit and get it ready  to be painted I’m just gonna go through  sand the whole thing you want to go a  nice small circles like this and just go  around the whole engine windscreen and  what you’re doing here is just roughing  it up a little bit getting ready to be  painted so that the paint will stick to  it better do the sides and you want to  make sure and just do the parts that are  gonna be painted so I’m not gonna do  anything on the front I’m just gonna go  around the whole inside of the screen it  up a little bit get ready to be okay  once you have that all sanded what I  forgot to mention before too  was that this was dry I’m sending that  with dry sandpaper now what you want to  do is sand it down wet same grit  sandpaper the foreigner group of  sandpaper so I’m just going to put a  little bit of water in the middle here  and I’m gonna use that and sand over it  again with the left just put a little  bit in the middle and    yamaha r6 fairings    then I’m gonna  draw it out towards the outside as I’m  standing  okay so the next thing I’m going to do  is I just rinsed off the screen again to  make sure it was dry and I have some 600  grit sandpaper and this is gonna be kind  of a finishing step as far as preparing  it to be painted so I’m gonna take this  600 just going circles after this step  I’m gonna rinse it off again this one  you only have to do dry and the next  step I’m just gonna rinse it off and dry  it and then we’ll be ready for painting  okay so I set up a light starting to  lose it’s getting dark here so I started  to lose some of the light so as you can  see the windscreen is pretty scuffed up  and it’s ready for painting so the next  thing you want to do is you want to mask  off the front of the windscreen so you  don’t get any of the paint on there so  what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab some  newspaper and I picked up this blue  painters tape at Walmart for a few bucks  I’m gonna use that to tape all around  I’m gonna lay a sheet of newspaper over  the front and then tape all around the  sides there where I don’t want the paint  to get so I make sure that we only get  it on the inside here okay so we didn’t  actually have newspaper that I could  find so I just grabbed some regular copy  paper but I went ahead and laid the  paper over the front and then I taped  all the way around right up to the edge  there you want to get that as straight  as possible I did this so it’s overlap  in a little bit I actually don’t want  the black on the front here so I did it  right along the edge and you want to  make it as straight as possible as you  can see it’s a little off in some places  there but you can always go up and touch  up the edges later but just try and make    motorcycle fairings       it as straight  as possible and cover everything in the  front that you don’t want to get paint  on now we’re ready for our first coat  okay so we have our paint this is a  krylon fusion or plastic it’s just a  gloss black I wanted to keep that kind  of that shine so I want the cloth you  could do depends on what you want
you  could do a satin or a flat although the  clear coat that I got then going to be  put on later it’s also a gloss so you  just have to make sure you can do  whatever you want but I wanted to kind  of have that shiny look to it so I got a  gloss black and this is like I said it’s  for plastics I got from Walmart for  about five bucks and you want to make  sure and the key to this is to do very  light coats you’re going to want to do  probably three or four coats on this so  keep the coats very light and that’s  gonna give me the best finished product  when you’re down there so we’re gonna go  ahead and just sweep across holding it  about six inches away from the plastic  and just do real light colors  okay let that coat dry and we’ll come  back and do another one okay it’s been  about an hour so I’m gonna go ahead and  do a second coat probably going to do  about three or four coats on this so  doing the same thing go ahead and let  that sit another half hour or so and  we’ll see you probably do the last coat  okay now I just finished up with the  fourth and final coat and we’re gonna  let it sit overnight and put the clear  coat on tomorrow okay everybody this is  day two of the windscreen project and I  have some clear coat that I got from  Walmart  krylon fusion it’s about the same about  five dollars at Walmart and I’m just  gonna spray this over the whole thing  this is gonna protect it and keep the  hate and everything hopefully keep it  from chipping and keep everything nice  so I’m gonna do the same thing I did  before with the black and just spray  across like this and just do a nice  light poke  okay I’ve left the clear coat dry did  about three coats of it and then took  all the tape off put the windscreen back  on so you can see it matches the front  fairing there and there you go it looks  pretty good talk to you soon bye

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