2019 Grom Mid Fairing and Rear Seat Cowl Install

what’s going on guys so I’ve been  thinking about the Grom and what I might  want to do next for I’ve always seen  photos and stuff of people online who do  the mid fairing upgrades so on the  ground that comes just naked down bottom  you know there’s no no mid fairing or  belly pan or you know that stuff there  like most traditional street bikes have  so companies make you know mid fairing  kits that cover this whole thing up to  give it just a little bit more of a  customized look same thing with the    r6 fairings     the  under seat Cal they make different ones  of these they make all different kinds  of upgrade stuff actually just yesterday  saw a dirt bike plastic set so it gives  it an actual dirt bike look which I  thought was pretty cool also so I’m  thinking I mean the plastics are cheap  enough I mean like maybe a hundred bucks  for a set one hundred twenty bucks  depending on where you motorcycle fairings   find it so I’m  thinking I’m gonna give it a try if I  don’t like I can always take it off but  it might be just like a cool little  touch so again just add that little bit  more of a custom feel to the bike so the  only downside the most that is a lot of  times they’re being ordered directly  from another country so I’m thinking  that’s what I want to do so if I have to  overnight Japan overnight parts from  Japan to get it in here let’s just put  the order in and get it done alright  guys here we are the next day he  actually was delivered on Sunday  Father’s Day ordered on Saturday here we  are on Sunday yeah so it came in  actually from Thailand I ordered this  stuff about a little over a month ago  and I got it from Zhi parts they have an  eBay page that’s where I got it from Zhi  parts and
it told me would take like two  weeks and I’ve ordered things from  overseas before and it always took  roughly we can have two weeks but  actually took longer for whatever reason  and they were kind enough to give me a  partial refund because it took so long  to get here so that was cool them so  definitely if you’re looking for Grom  plastics a customer service there so it  seems like a great bunch of guys so I  would recommend definitely checking out  Z part  I’ll leave a link below to their their  site and I think they also have a  YouTube page with some of the other  stuff that they offer they make a bunch  of different versions and it wasn’t till  just recently that I saw that they  actually had some come out in the new  2019 color the Halloween orange so until  just recently it’s all been all the old  colors and I didn’t want to get a  different color and then turn around  have to go get it painted so I stumbled  upon a couple different versions in the  new color and so I went with version 1  version 2 I saw it’s been pretty popular  but I don’t know I just didn’t quite  like the way it was designed and that  was just me to yamaha r1 fairings    my eye I like the full  look the other one had more of a break  and it was more black here and it was  more of a break up top looks good but  for me I just like the version one  better the one side piece and I actually  got the under cow seat piece as well in  the matching orange it has a couple  little flares and stuff I want to make  it make it a little bigger so let’s  first get the before shots    [Applause]    all right so here’s everything all laid  out and all the hardware and stuff that  it comes with it you’re gonna need two  left sides two right sides and some  extra hardware there good luck with the  directions that they send you because  they are in another language but seems  simple enough it’s just a few screws in  a few a few bolts you can see from the  diagram which go where but I’m going to  show you how to do it now so welcome  back to another episode of what should  take 15 minutes is gonna take three  hours hopefully not but let’s just get  it going so we need a five millimeter  allen wrench here and an 8 mil socket  for the bullets you got to put your  brackets off so let’s do that at first I  wasn’t sure if this hole what what I  would leave with the plastics I wasn’t  sure if I had to take off this whole  thing but it actually just looks like it  it covers it up completely so they’ll be  if it was color match you wouldn’t tell  but you’ll see when it’s done I’m gonna  have just a little bit of white poking  out which I don’t think will look bad  and I think it’ll be not as noticeable  but we’ll see and I kind of like that  little bit of white pop there anyway  right here  this bracket is the top put this back in  like that I’m gonna leave that sort of  loose for now so I can get everything  where it needs to be and I’m going I  just slide this clip on  use that so that the screws they gave us  will marry up marry up in there the  bottom screw is gonna be this middle one  right here so not the front one the  middle one basically right behind right  behind the brake lever  actually should be moved back one  because put this on the lineup  actually lines up with the back wall not  the one in the front so let’s go ahead  and make that adjustment it’s actually  my fault I actually looked at the  directions wrong not this fault it is  the one back one so that’s my fault so  it’s one of those things trying to do  stuff in a hurry and make those trip a  little mistakes all right now as you can  see what I was saying covers up the  white insert there so a lot of the older  the older yeet model years that was  already body painted body color painted  so this is actually covering it up which  isn’t bad I don’t mind it  but the point of having this loosely fit  in there so that when I screw these in I  can still manipulate a little bit to  where I need where I need this to be  then take this longer screw they  supplied for this should find the hole  in here right there that is just not  biting not liking that hole there  always something the boat is long enough  it seems like so why it’s not catching  I don’t know bring it a plastic piece in  I should be over  oh bag it looks like it’s pushing  it away as I’m trying to screw it at the  same time so  there we go there we go there’s a small  plastic piece in the back that was  pushing away outside shiny screw so you  got plenty of teeth they’re giving these  kits there is no screw behind this  plastic piece this plastic piece is a  separate piece so if you wanted to take  these off you’d have a hole in this  plastic piece you can just replace this  one plastic piece and something like ten  bucks out here so not expensive so what
you’re gonna do is take one of these  screws and just drive it right into the  plastic so I’m gonna do that last  because you know you probably even could  get away with one not using it at all  because this thing is solid  it’s really not going anywhere so you  could either just not do it at all or  you could probably even use some  double-sided sticky tape and just stick  it stick it right there tell you what  looking at it right now this front piece  the color match is on point I’ll get it  out in the Sun when we’re done with that  little sharp man that looks good already  I am pleased I am ecstatic about how  this came out yeah you never know for  sure what I’ll look like but that looks  great this is the top bracket I believe  goes right here on this first bolt  looking at right there and then the  bottom one looks like this he’s gonna go  on the nut right underneath right next  to right here right next to where the  shifter is and the shifting linkage  there  was worried that the same was I was  gonna be in the way so I get this thing  lined up we will be in good shape I  really don’t want to jinx myself this is  one of the standards just it’s going a  little too smooth you know what I’m  saying like you just waiting for the  other shoe to drop on this because a  little too easy  approximately 10 hours later all right  so to finish it off we got to put the  front piece in got more of these and  screws should just slide in but I’m  gonna do first is get the piece in the  middle so I’m gonna have to go back and  tighten up that bottom because there’s  no way I’m getting a screwdriver  underneath there and with this thing  being a lower this thing is gonna be  damn near on the ground but it’s cool  let’s put our  this thing came out beautifully  the only thing we’ll see of the old  white piece he’s right in there if the  camera is picking up just a corner of  the white and I don’t mind that gives it  just I mean if you ever see it it’ll  just be like a little bit of pop of  white and I’m good with that  let’s put on the rear Cal but the front  is done man thing is gorgeous all right  so that under cow didn’t come with any  directions but it seems that it’s pretty  self-explanatory other than  2006 zx6r fairings   the fact  that it doesn’t seem like it fits right  at this time so we took off the factory  cover put on this cover the only part it  attaches is right under here with the  screw holes there’s no clips to go in  here with the with the little snaps that  the factory one comes with and it  doesn’t screw in on top so what I’m  thinking is because it’s it’s just I  mean it’s loose the only thing I can  think is that similar to the way these  went on when it went over top of that  the under ket are the the seat cow goes  actually over top of this and just sort  of snaps on and then just screws on  underneath how I have it so let’s try  that put it back on and see if it gets  rid of any of this stuff I think you  will because the factory one sticks out  it looks like it would just fit right  over top of that so let’s hope all that  is correct the same thing here you can  see it’s just there’s nothing there so  put that go on see what happens  I’m still undecided I don’t know if the  orange rear cal makes it too much orange  but it is looking sharp guys color  matches awesome  all right guys it’s go outside get the  final beauty shots of the Grom in its  final transformation form and I’ll throw  in there all the clips I have from  beginning to end of when we first  started this and the transformation  that’s undergone since then so alright  guys thanks for watching don’t forget  Steve mp5 on Instagram I’ll see you next  time

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