Hygiene Tip of the Week #1


The first step is to recognize the problem. Every man should be aware of the potential horrors of his own breath.You don’t want co-workers friends and/or family members to cringe when you sit down next to them and women to turn their cheek when you go in for the smooch.

The best way to test your breath is to ask your spouse or a friend for their feedback. If no one is around, try scraping a bit of scum from the back of your tongue with your fingernail, placing it on the back of your hand, and then smelling it.

Bad breath typically occurs on an empty stomach, after eating certain foods like garlic, when suffering from sinus conditions, smoking, or for other more complicated reasons.To eliminate it, be sure to eat, drink plenty of water, and brush your teeth, tongue, and gums regularly. Using Listerine, hydrogen peroxide or other types of washes may also help. Always keep a steady supply of breath mints. For some cases, Tic-Tacs are just not enough.Try something stronger like Listerine Pocket Packs if you are a smoker or have a chronic breath problem.

If the above remedies don’t cure your bad breath, try a tongue scraper. Your tongue is like a carpet, and bacteria, food particles, and discharge from your sinuses get caught in the fibers, especially at the very back of the tongue, and turn into a bad breath breeding ground. A tongue scraper clears away these bad breath instigators; you’ll be amazed at the instant difference it can make.

If your bad breath persists no matter what you throw at it, pay a visit to your doctor.

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